Food and Wine Academy
Food and Wine Academy
Florence, Italy

Eating Tips

Some of your expenses will be dedicated to buying food while on holiday. There are several ways to slash food costs and still enjoy eating the local cuisine.

Savvy ways to save
  1. Eat where the locals eat.
  2. Eat breakfast at the hotel.
  3. Shop at the local market.
  4. Have a picnic.
  5. Eat street food.
  6. Enjoy aperitivo time, tapas, appetizers.
  7. Eat at small family owned and operated restaurants.
  8. Enjoy local cuisine To-Go-Style.
  9. Fill up on proteins instead of sugary foods.


After a good nights sleep start the day by having breakfast in the hotel or a nearby café where the locals enjoy gathering for a quick bite before heading to work. Breakfast can range from pastries, cheese, fruit, meat or a full blown buffet spread depending where you are in the world. After breakfast, tackle your must coveted sightseeing must haves.

Local breakfast

For a snack stop by a local outdoor/indoor market and grab a few items. Mingle with the sellers and learn what makes their items so unique. They take great pride in their food and many of the stands are family owned and operated for years. If you are lucky you might get to sample a few things before purchasing. You can also use these items for a picnic.

Market food

The afternoon is a good time to take a siesta or have lunch. If you choose the latter this is a great time to have a picnic or try street food. Every city has some sort of famous street food, local cart or inexpensive establishment that everyone frequents. Try your best to find something you normally wouldn't eat back home or add a little twist to your meal. Perhaps a slice of gourmet pizza without your normal go-to-toppings. This is the time to be adventurous.

Street food

If you chose to take a siesta or ate an early lunch you may want to have an aperitivo. Aperitivo, an Italian tradition not to be confused with Happy Hour, is in the evening before dinner where the locals gather at a bar for appetizers (known as cicchetti in Venice) and a few drinks to unwind after a hard day of work. This is a good time for travelers to mingle with the local crowd. Aperitivo does not replace dinner! And don't worry, a Happy Hour will also do just fine.


As the day draws to an end it is now time to have dinner. Find a nice local family owned restaurant located off the beaten path in a safe neighborhood where the food is tasty and the vino di casa is always flowing. Complete the meal with an after dinner drink or digestive and take a stroll before heading back to the hotel for a good nights sleep. Now would be a good time for a gelato on your stroll if you skipped dessert and are not too full.

Local dinner