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Train Travel in Italy

When traveling on a regional train it is extremely important to make sure you validate the ticket.

Trenitalia Trains at Roma Termini

Train Travel in Italy

Trenitalia rail service provides daily high speed, intercity, and regional train routes connecting many cities throughout Italy. The high speed long distance trains, Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, Frecciabanca and the intercity trains require a seat reservation which is included with your ticket price. The regional trains do not require a seat reservation but you must validate the ticket before getting on the train.


When traveling on a regional train it is extremely important to make sure you validate the ticket. Look for a small green box machine, insert the ticket and the machine will make a noise when validating the ticket. If you don't validate your ticket you risk the chance of receiving a hefty fine.


When searching for a train ticket on Trenitalia's website you must use the Italian city train station name. You cannot search the station name in English. Also keep in mind to use the date format of DD/MM/YYYY and 24HR format as it may be confusing to non-Europeans. Here are the most common cities and their train station names.

  • Rome -   "Roma"   ::   Train station - Roma Termini

  • Naples -   "Napoli"   ::   Train station - Napoli Centrale

  • Venice -   "Venezia"   ::   Train station - Venezia Santa Lucia

  • Florence -   "Firenze"   ::   Train station - Firenze Santa Maria Novella

  • Milan -   "Milano"   ::   Train station - Milano Centrale

  • Pisa   ::   Train station - Pisa Centrale

  • Rome Airport -   "Fiumicino" - Aeroporto di Roma

  • La Spezia   ::   La Spezia Centrale


In this example you will take a train from Roma Termini to Firenze (SMN). Your reservation is for October 27 at 9:20 a.m. on the high speed Frecciarossa train number 9518 and you will arrive in Firenze at 10:51. You have a second class ticket for 47 euros and your seat assignment is coach 10, seat 7D.

Let's begin: Look for a huge sign that says Biglietti (tickets) for the ticket machines or the ticket counter and purchase your tickets.

Train Ticket

Walk towards the area where the trains are located and look for a big electronic screen on the wall or several electronic boards along the platform.

Train Area

There will be many partenze (departures) listed on the electronic board with the treno (train) number, ora (departure time) and binario (track platform) the train will be departing. To find the binario your treno is departing from you need to match the treno number from your biglietto (ticket) with the treno number on the electronic board. In this example the treno number is "9518" with a final destination of Milano C.LE. Don't worry too much about the final destination listed on the board because your stop (Firenze in this case) may be before the final destination of the train. If your treno number is not listed on the board it means you've most likely arrived early. The electronic board will continue to update the treno status with the binario number or if it's ritardo (late). Once the binario number your treno is departing from is listed, walk to the binario as you will notice others walking in the same direction. In this case your binario is "2".

Train Departure Board

 Read Train Ticket

Now that you've arrived to the correct binario you may notice the treno may or may not be there. Don't worry it will arrive shortly.

Train Bin Area

Now that the train has arrived walk to the corresponding corrozza (coach) number listed on your biglietto and hop on. In this case your corrazzo number is "10". You can also enter the treno at any coach and walk to your carrazzo.

Train Car

If you have luggage place it in the luggage carriage. If you have a book bag or small carryon type luggage you may keep it with you providing it can fit in the overhead space above your seat.

Train Luggage Area

Walk down the aisle and find your corresponding file (row) and posti (seat). In this case it is file "7" posti "D". Feel free to store your belongings in the overhead space. Once seated, keep your ticket with you to present to the conductor as you may have to show your ticket at least once during your journey.

Train Seat

Taking the train in Italy is that simple. Gaze out the window and be mesmerized at the beautiful view of the Italian countryside as it passes by. Visit the café car for tasty treats and drinks. Sit back, relax and enjoy your train ride.

Train Cafe Car

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