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About Jon Lee


I'm Jon Lee, a budget friendly traveler with years of experience traveling and giving travel advice to friends and family and now to you.


I was unemployed for a year after a devastating job loss in October of 2007, one day before my birthday. During this time I read everything I could get my hands on about traveling and I took notes because I knew one day by the grace of God I would be able to travel again and see the world. In September of 2017 while I was having my morning devotion, the words "Jon Lee Travels" popped in my head. I immediately opened my laptop to type up this note and to my surprise what did I see? A saved folder already labeled "Jon Lee Travels" with files stored inside dated from 2007 which contained my personal travel notes from previous visited places. Since then I've updated these notes with my recent travel experiences and now, after traveling to more destinations on a limited budget and having fun along the way - Jon Lee Travels is reality.


I was 10 years old when I made my first solo flight. Since then I've traveled to Italy and France twice, Turkey, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Belgium. I've traveled to several states within the USA, Niagara Falls and Toronto in Ontario, Canada.


I currently reside in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA.

I'm a former physique competitor and avid bicycle rider. I love pizza, french fries and I especially love Disney World. Oh yeah and traveling!