Intervention of the Sabine Women

Accomodation Tips

Finding the perfect hotel on holiday is an adventure of its own.

The Intervention of the Sabine Women: Jacques-Louis David
Louvre - Paris, France

Accomodation Tips


Finding the perfect hotel on holiday is an adventure of its own. Many travelers have stayed in a hotel but not a hostel. It's common for many backpackers to stay in hostels while travelling. Hostels are budget friendly dorm style accommodations ranging from 3 to 10 beds in a dorm style room with shared bathrooms. Rooms can be mixed or same sex. Hostels range in many forms from monastaries, barracks to even a converted airplane. While hostels are not for everyone they are perfect for saving tons of money, meeting travelers from all over the world and they are relatively safe. I always stay in hostels when I travel solo overseas.

NOTE: It's mandatory for the hostels to make a copy of your passport for security reasons and they follow the same procedures just like the hotel industry.


These are the 3 websites that I always use that offer the best available prices wherever I travel and honest reviews.

  1. Orbitz - discount codes for various hotels

  2. Hostelworld - book hostels anywhere in the world

  3. Tripadvisor - honest reviews for lodging

  4. - rent private rooms

  5. Airbnb - rent apartments, house, chalets...

NOTE: Always check with the hotel or hostels website for cheaper deals.