A Reading from Homer

Packing Tips

As travelers we often over pack by bringing things we rarely use which adds extra weight and unnecessary fees.

A Reading from Homer: Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
Philadelphia Museum of Art - Philadelphia, PA

Packing Tips


Carryon luggage and Travel Bookbag. As travelers we often over pack by bringing things we rarely use which adds extra weight and unnecessary fees. I pack everything effeciently into my carryon and leave it in the room locked away and use my travel bookbag while out and about day and night.

- TSA approved liquid carryon items.

The effecient packing details and the downloadable packing list contains the actual way I pack my carryon luggage and travel book bag. Adjust as needed for male and female travelers accordingly to the time of year, season and destination.

How to pack. There are several tried-and-true methods of packing a suitcase for your next trip. Some people like using packing cubes; some prefer the rolling method, and some prefer folding the clothes neatly in the suitcase. I do a mixture of both. I roll everything except pants. Choose the method that suits you best.

Practice packing. When you have some down time, grab your carryon luggage and practice packing as if you were going on your trip the next day. You will have a fun time trying to minimize your selections while creating multiple looks with only a few tops, bottoms and accessories. This is where one or two easily packable inexpensive scarves and accessories will add that little spark of creativity needed to give your outfits a different look.

What to pack? Pack in layers! That's the key to efficient packing. With layers you can takeoff or add clothing throughout the day depending on the weather or places you visit. Make sure to pack conservative and fun clothing that's appropriate to meet the guidelines to enter a place of worship, (churches, mosques, synagogues), museums and various historical sites. Worst thing is to wait in line only to be turned around because of inappropriate attire. I have described a few guidelines to help you effeciently pack the most basic necessities while saving space to bring back gifts and souvenirs.


  • Underwear - 5 pairs

  • Socks - 5 pairs

  • Loungewear/sleepwear - top and bottom something comfortable and modest enough for lounging in the common area or sleeping.

  • Tops - 4 short sleeve/long sleeve t-shirts, button ups and blouses.

  • Pants - 2 khaki style pants works best. Avoid denim as they are heavy and take a long time to dry. Choose colors like olive, blue or beige.

  • Skirts - ladies may choose to add a skirt of modest length to pair with a casual top for the day and blouse for the evening.

  • Shorts - shorts of modest length can be interchangeable from touring to lounging.

  • Dress - knit dress of modest length that can double as casual and accessorized for an evening out.

  • Shoes - anything comfortable in black or brown for being on your feet all day and walk able on any terrain. Avoid high heels if possible especially if you are traveling to a place that has cobblestones or plan on doing a generous amount of walking.

  • Shower shoes - great for the community style showers in hostels.

  • Sweater - A nice light sweater is a good layering piece to keep handy to stay warm or dress up for dinner. You may also use it as a pillow to layout in the grass.

  • Swimsuit/Beach shorts

  • Jacket - choose light or a not too bulky insulated jacket depending on the climate.


  • Tissue
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Soap
  • Shower gel
  • Lotion
  • Vaseline
  • Shampoo
  • Aftershave
  • Cologne/Perfumes
  • Baby wipes
  • Sun screen
  • Floss
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Concentrated liquid laundry soap


  • Tweezers

  • Fingernail clippers

  • Feminine products - the amount to pack is to the discretion of each lady.

  • Glasses/Contacts/Contact solution

  • Shaver/Razors

  • Comb

  • Brush

  • Washcloth - feel free to use a travel microfiber washcloth to save space or if traveling for a while.

  • Towel - feel free to use a travel microfiber towel to save space or if traveling for a while.


  • Combination lock - for hostels with lockers

  • Pocket flashlight - you don't want to turn on the light and wake up anyone to look through your bag in the middle of the night or when getting ready for an early morning flight.

  • First aid - a few bandages and baby wipes will suffice for minor cuts and scrapes.

  • Medicine - always best to keep in your carryon and a copy of your prescriptions.

  • Pen/Paper/Notebook

  • Book/Magazine


  • Cell phone
  • Cell phone charger
  • International travel adapter
  • Camera
  • Headphones


  • Driver license

  • Passport

  • Visa

  • Copy of driver license, passport and visa - keep at least 2 hard copies in your day bag and luggage in case of emergency. Also email yourself the copies so you can have a digital copy.

  • Tickets - digital or hard copy of hotels, airline or any form of pre-bought transportation, entertainment or museum tickets. It's also good to write the confirmation numbers down on paper to have handy as well.


  • Currency - it's best to take a few US dollars with you if traveling overseas. Once there use an ATM to withdraw money in the local currency. Much cheaper to use an ATM than the money exchange places.

  • Credit/Debit cards

  • Wallet

  • Purse